Research - In most cases Ian can help you find information on your family. He has access to a wide selection of sources and has been involved in genealogy for over 40 years.

Publishing and Printing - Ian offers a comprehensive research, writing, image preparation, composition, publishing, printing and binding package that produces a hard bound quality family book. These books are designed to be an heirloom and significant record of your family. Often running to 400 - 600 pages (or more),  these special publications are a great way to rec
ord and document your life and your family history for yours and future generations.

for detailed information see Family History Books

to have your family history published see Publish My Genealogy

to samples of published family books see Genealogy Book Gallery

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Ian specialises in crafting and writing insurance Statements of Advice. These reports are customised to reflect your business personality while meeting the statutory requirements now required. Ian offers a low-cost and simple service that will give you more time to concentrate on your core activities. The Statements of Advice that he produces have a proven track record of client acceptance and they are designed to make the process for the client simple, structured and easy to understand. Contact Ian at or call (0294) 77 44 91 to find out more.


Ian provides a writing and proof-reading service. He has written a large number of articles, technical pieces, stories, books, website content, advertorial and advertisement content. He also provides a proof-reading service for theses and media documents. Contact Ian at or call (0294) 77 44 91 to find out more.

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Ian designs, programs and manages the publishing of websites.

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Adobe Photoshop - For beginners, experienced users, students wishing to gain new skills and anyone who wants to know how to restore, manipulate, decorate and/or publish their photos in fun, exciting and imaginative ways ... then this could be for you. Lessons are inexpensive, one on one in a pleasant and quiet environment and run for 1 hour each (consecutive lessons can be booked). - (bookings are essential for these popular courses)

Familytreemaker - For anyone wanting to know how to record, organise and publish their family history and genealogy. Learn also how to use the internet to research and trace your family history

Microsoft Powerpoint - Looking to create stunning presentations or pick up skills that can help towards fulfilling employment, then this could be for you

Microsoft Word & Excel - The essential programs for organising word, numbers and budgets. In-depth techniques are taught (high powered mathematical skills are not essential) and will surely help you to manage your financial information and you can learn skills that can help towards fulfilling employment

Proshow Gold -  An awesome program that allows you to turn your photograph collection into full length DVD videos with sound, motion and special effects. Excellent for special events such as weddings, birthdays, remembrances 

Coreldraw -  A professional graphics and design suite. Ideal for those wishing to learn graphics and design skills. In-depth techniques are taught and you can learn skills that could help towards fulfilling employment

iPad Tuition - Tips ‘n’ Tricks and making it zing! -  Learn to get the best out of your iPad. I offer one-on-one private tuition on how to make the iPad an effective business tool and/or a magnificent and powerful computer/browser/entertainment centre. Inside information on a wide range of extraordinaipad_image_smry apps. How to manage and sync your files and how to use the Cloud. Learn about voice recognition, how to convert your handwriting to text, wordprocessing, spreadsheets and presentations on the iPad. Find out about a wide range of useful accessories and clever techniques. Training includes how to upload files, how to communicate with your PC, what the best Apps are and how to use them, how to use the iPad as a multimedia marketing device and much, much more. Learn how to make informative slide shows and presentations. Tuition can be at your home or business (Auckland only) or at our office in Glenfield.

Other training courses are available ... please call to enquire

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Photo Restoration - comprehensive and affordable photo restoration services. In many cases your images can be restored or altered while you wait - please call in at 8 Nugent St, Grafton, Auckland with your photos or please call Ian on  (09) 555 6282 or  (0294) 77 44 91. You may also email your photo along with instructions to

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Photos to CD DVD - Do you want to have your photo collections scanned and saved to CD or DVD? A number of options are available including scan to CD, scan to DVD and turning your photograph collection into full length DVD videos with sound, motion and special effects that can play in any regular CD/DVD player to your TV

Slide Scanning - YES! Ian can scan your slide collection so that they can be stored or printed as photos

Caricatures - Ideal for the special event or as a gift ... funny caricatures from virtually any photo

You can upload photos to be restored (with your instructions) here Restore My Photo

Websites – Affordable complete websites for any enterprise, large or small - a complete solution including hosting and maintenance

Contract Programming - Turnkey software solutions for almost
any application. We can provide a complete solution including on-going support and integration with internet interfaces

Tooth-pix - Visit  ... an innovative system developed to allow you to see what you could look like after cosmetic dental treatment before you consider visiting a dentist!!! ... it's fun and informative ...

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Realty-pix - Visit  ... similar to tooth-pix, this origi
nal service allows you to see what your home (or a home you are considering purchasing) could look like after renovation or makeover before any investment is made on that makeover !!! ... it's a great way to explore the potential of a property ...

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Speaker - Looking for a speaker for you club,
organisation of interest group? Ian has given many talks to groups throughout New Zealand over the last 20 years. He makes them fun and informative. - to discuss please call Ian on  (09) 443 7406 or  (0294) 77 44 91

Business Mentoring - Ian offers grass-roots help in giving your business a boost. An affordable consultancy for new and established businesses.

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