Personal Selling

Personal selling is a promotional method in which one party uses skills and techniques for building personal relationships with another party that results in both parties obtaining value

In most cases the "value" for the salesperson is realised through the financial rewards of the sale while the customer’s "value" is realised from the benefits obtained by consuming the product or service

value  = benefits - costs

Benefits include

  • tangible needs
  • intangible wants
  • quality

Costs include

  • actual (the total amount of money)
  • circumstantial (things like time, inconvenience etc)

Before you can help people buy a product or service, before you can help them buy value …… they must buy YOU!

You need to be

  • empathetic
  • engaging
  • a good listener
  • knowledgeable
  • a provider of solutions
  • caring
  • confident

Some techniques that help people buy you...

When introducing yourself be it face to face or over the phone say your first name twice and your surname once

e.g.   “Good morning, my name is James, James Bond”

It has been proven that people will not forget you as easily as it would be using your first name just once!

Use open ended questions. Open ended questions contain

  • HOW
  • WHEN
  • WHY
  • WHAT
  • WHO

Avoid closed questions that only solicit a yes or no answer

e.g. Do you enjoy skiing?

Will only give you a yes or no answer ...  It is a BAD question

What do you enjoy about skiing?

Will give you information, feelings … a response on which you can build a platform to help your prospect buy you and your product or service ...It is a GOOD question

When asking questions

  • be polite
  • listen
  • identify with the answer
  • evaluate
  • ask another question based on their response to the first

Avoid making statements … but if you must make the statement and immediately follow the statement with an open ended question

“What do you find most frustrating about remote controls?”
“There are too many buttons too close together”
“That can be a problem, what button layout would suit you best?”

THE most powerful question you will ever ask is ...

           “WHAT CAN I DO ...”

What can I do ….?  Will deliver you the results you want,  get you the raise you desire and  get you job you want ... and do more to help your prospective customer
to buy you, your product or service than any other method you could possibly think of!

Ask for the order ! As a salesperson it is your job to ask for the order Trial questions work well …

  • When would you like delivery?
  • What method of payment suits you best?
  • What colour do you prefer?
  • How many will you require?

Where should you sit when with a prospect? Look for where they wear their wristwatch - As a rule, right handed people wear them on their left wrist and vice versa

  • If your prospect is right handed sit to their right
  • If your prospect is left handed sit to their left

The side of their handedness is the most comfortable position for them to turn and convers.  n.b. The reverse is true if you wish to take control in a meeting

  • If your prospect is right handed sit to their left
  • If your prospect is left handed sit to their right

They will feel uncomfortable

Business cards. Always have a business card. They are inexpensive and the best sales tool you can possess. When asked for a business card - never give just one - give them SIX, saying, “one for you and five for your friends”

You should aim to give away 500 business cards every month - viral marketing at its best