Genealogy & Useful Links

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Genealogy Links

RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project Global Search

International Genealogical Index 

International Genealogical Index - Public Trees

International Genealogical Index - Records New Zealand UK Census

NZ Papers Past

Australian Papers Past

Irish Papers Past

First Families

Roglo French Genealogy Database

Auckland Cenotaph Database

Coats of Arms

Surname Meanings

Motto Meanings

The Ships List

Larson Database

Gastel Database

Ancient Families Database

JDA Ancient Database

Irish Ancestral Research Links

The Peerage Database

1911 UK Census

1911 Irish Census

NZ Births deaths and marriages search

Auckland Museum Search

Tasman district cemetery search

International Newspaper Search Index

NZ Family Stories

1881 Electoral Rolls

Passenger lists to NZ

Commonwealth War Graves

World Bride Index

Meanings of mottos on coats of arms

Forest tree links

NSW State records

NZ births, deaths and marriages - Christchurch

Cornwall Parish Records

Thames NZ burials

NZ cemetery search

NZ obituaries

Palmerston North cemetery search

Find my past

Scotlands people

Early Auckland births, deaths and marriages

Perry-CastaƱeda Library Map Collection

British history

Surname distribution maps

South African Genealogy


American Jewish Genealogy

Find a grave search

Gen Circles

Genes re-united


A History of Scotland

Distionary of the Scots Language

Scottish History and Traditions

Billion Graves

NZ Marriage Index

Virtual Aircraft Museum

Papers Past USA

Irish Genealogy Search Tool

Big List of Genealogy Links

Family Search Community Trees

Kaeo Headstones

NZ and Australian Cemeteries and Headstones

WW2 Nominal Roll

Dictionary of NZ Biography

Cyndis List

Cornwall Records

Auckland Cenotaph Records

The Peerage

IGI Ships to NZ

NZET - NZ Electronic Text Centre

Heritage Images NZ

Auckland Cemetery Records 1

Auckland Cemetery Records 2

NZ Manuscripts

Auckland Library Card Index

Auckland Photographs

Auckland Police Census

Vessels to Auckland

Ship arrivals to Auckland

Combined Auckland Search Engine

NZ Yearbooks

Australian BDM

Royal Ark - International Genealogy

Tracing your family tree - link found and suggested by Mary Lowe

Domesday Book

UK Obituaries

NZ Photo Collection

Dowling Tree

Darlenes Tree

NZ A to Js

NZ Statistics Yearbooks

UK Papers Past

Digital NZ

Digital NZ Military

Old Photos

Dominion Post BDM

Google Newspaper Archives

Ship Images

Everyman Remembered

Early Auckland Births

Other Useful Links

Online OCR

What's the Font

Free Fonts

Handwriting Font Generator

Video Extractor

Show My Street

How Old

Google Images

Free Backdrops

Colour Palette Generator

Palette Fx


Crossword Solver

Guardian Cryptic Crosswords

Word Search Puzzles

On-Line Colouring Book



Amazon KDP

PDF Links

PDF Compresser

Website to PDF Generator

PDF Convert

PDF Document Publisher

PDF YouPublisher

PDF ZamZar

PDF Converter Online

Google Links

Google Images

Google Newspaper Archives

Google Translate

Google News

Google Maps


Google Books

Google Video

Google Panoramio

Google Trends

Google Scholar

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