When a picture paints a thousand dollars

You’ve sold real estate for years and you’ll have - no doubt – come across that potential-filled home which you know
just needs a little spent on it to maximise that potential.

But how do you demonstrate this to your10 church st otahuhu before_tn_110_church_st_otahuhu_after_tn client?

Yes, you can tell them the lawns need mowing, the fence needs painting, the concrete cleaning or any other number of improvements, but can you show them what the improvements will look like?

If you could, and if they did, j
ust think of the possibilities:

Happy clients; bigger commissions; the ability to move those hard to shift properties - and your secret weapon is nothing more than a digital camera and an Internet connection.

The camera takes a picture of the ‘house of horrors’.

You then open your Internet connection and send the photograph to Realty Pix – maybe with some ideas that you have on how to improve the property.

Within 48 hours, you’ll have a photograph back, of the same house with your improvements added.

What’s more, because of the partnership with reputable home improvement suppliers, you’ll have a comprehensive quote on what the improvements will cost.

Improvements add to a property investment, however, it is important to know what improvements will MAXIMISE a property’s value.

You now have the ability to show your clients how to maximise their property’s value – with a little help from Realty Pix.

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A picture can paint at least four walls

What’s your house worth?

Probably a little less than you’d like, but you know it could be worth that little bit more with a bit of work, right?

The problem is determining how much effort you should put in to achieve the result you want.

Add a deck, reclad the front of the home, put in an external spiral staircase, even something as simple as basic landscaping – these are all improvements which can add value to your home.

These are also improvements which can cost, and can you be sure that the money and time you spend will be wisely spent?  

Let’s face it, time and money are two precious com
modities these days, and not really things you want to risk.

So if you could take that risk away, if you could see what your hard earn
ed money and time couback_house_before_tnld back_house_horizontal_done_tnactually do to your greatest investment – that would be worth something, wouldn’t it?

Realty Pix has the solution.

A simple photograph of your home - as it is - sent through to Realty Pix, can save you a fortune when it comes to home improvements.

Realty Pix has the graphical expertise to present your home as it will appear after improvements have been completed.

If you have an idea of what you think will work, you can suggest your improvements to Realty Pix and have the experienced graphics team incorporate your concepts.

If, on the other hand, you are at a loss to see how to make the improvements yourself, the team can suggest some ideas for your consideration.

Either way, Realty Pix makes the improvements to the image which you have provided and can then provide you with a detailed and comprehensive quote from an extensive list of reputable partnership suppliers.

Realty Pix provides a smart and sensible way of making more of your property, whether it be preparing for sale or improving it for your lifestyle, and all it takes is one little photograph. is a new service

It gives you the chance to explore real estate opportunities.

How it works

  • Provide us with an image of your property
  • Describe what you want to achieve
  • Instructions can be enhanced by using the  products & services database at
  • will then work a full image make-over in line with your instructions and send you back an image showing you the property potential

How you can use

  • Help sell your property by showing prospective purchasers how the home can look with a make-over
  • Inexpensively explore make-over options when considering planned home improvements
  • Use images to visually explain home improvements to architects & contractors
  • Use make-over image to encourage sellers to better prepare the property for sale and help show how such work can reap a better sale price and help sell the property more promptly
  • Property buyers can explore the potential of a property prior to investment

Features & Benefits

  • is a low cost marketing tool
  • Ready access to local contractors, suppliers and a visual database of their products
  • Simple to use
  • Explore potential and possible variations before committing to big expenditure
  • Offers you an advantage when marketing your property
  • Reduces misunderstanding when explaining property make-over requirements to contractors

For more information,

visit the website.