View your new dream smile without leaving your seat.

sm_longbrochureConsidering having some cosmetic dentistry work done? You’re aware the positve impact a great smile has on every aspect of your life, but remain hesitant for fear of not knowing how your new smile will look?

Wouldn't it be fantastic to have a magic mirror before making that life changing decision, to try before you buy, see how it will turn out? Like all appearance cosmetic procedures you always wonder how you will look afterwards, and was it worth the money spent.

Luckily, new imaging technology developed here in New Zealand is now available for you to see the final result first.

Tooth-Pix is an easy inexpensive way for you to see the results of your smile makeover before you even go near the dentist chair.

Tooth-Pix Ltd has developed software and imaging techniques which allows you and your dental professional to send in a photograph of your smile and receive back a customised simulation of what cosmetic dentistry will be able to do for you.

Previous attempts to provide this service involved unrealistic “cutting and pasting” perfect smiles on top of a patient’s existing smile. Tooth-Pix technology uses the skills of qualified cosmetic dentists combined with exceptional techniques to modify the image of your existing teeth to provide a realistic and relevant final result.

Tooth-Pix is incredibly useful for you to help decide what to do with your smile, it also gives piece of mind knowing what to expect and confirms you will be delighted with the end result.  You or your dentist sends in a photo to complete with a brief explanation of your smile wish list.

Within 48 hours your new smile image is returned to you to finally see that dream smile become a reality. Your chosen dentist will also guide you through a personalised no obligation treatment plan in order for you to achieve the smile you always wanted.  

Tooth-Pix has had a dramatic rise to success since launching last year at the Biennial Scientific Symposium of the NZ Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Dental professionals have signed to use Tooth-Pix from all over the world, from countries as diverse as Egypt, the USA, Germany, Belgium, India, the UK, Australia and of course New Zealand. In recognition of the potential benefits to cosmetic dentistry, the Kiwi developers have been invited to lecture and present their technology at leading universities in the United States.

For anyone wanting to improve their entire smile or even just that one “bothersome” tooth, Tooth-Pix makes it very easy and painless to find out what the potential results of treatment may be. Like all imaging services, the better the original photo, the better the simulation.

Cosmetic dentists are all experienced in taking high quality smile images, Tooth-Pix recommends contacting one of the many dentists affiliated to its service and have them manage the entire job, as they discuss and assess what you really want then translate the information to Tooth-Pix along with your image. Alternatively, you can take your own photo and submit it directly online to with your own “shopping list” of smile enhancements.

Tooth-Pix was created in response to a need for patients to see what cosmetic dentistry could do for them. A significant number of New Zealand’s top cosmetic dentists are already using Tooth-Pix.

Many cosmetic dentists consider their professional work to be a visual art form. In the past, they weren't able to adequately communicate to patients what the results of cosmetic dentistry were likely to be. Now, now they’re able to show an exceptionally accurate vision of what treatment will do for a patient's smile and even their entire face.

Visit as the first step in exploring what cosmetic dentistry can do for your smile. Or find the closest dentist already using this technology to see your smile potential.