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Have you ever wondered from whom you inherited your good looks … or how you got your name … or whether your distant relatives were famous inventors … or if you had any rich uncles … all this may be discovered in your family tree.

I specialise in researching, writing and publishing family history books. I take care to ensure that the books are colourful, tell an interesting story, are fun to read and become a treasured heirloom of your heritage. The books can often be 400-1000 pages long and are printed in colour on quality paper, hard bound and are titled in gold leaf on the cover and spine. (see the gallery images here )

OUR HERITAGE, the things we live by and teach our children is preserved or diminished by how freely we exchange our histosarahmckenna_tn
ry, ideas and feelings

By having your family story told you can

  • Learn the origin of your name 
  • Investigate where you come from
  • Solve family myths
  • Take responsibility for documenting your family heritage
  • Make a gift for all generations

Family stories and photographs are captured moments in time. They are your heritage and a window on your life. Having a book written about your family is a unique way of preserving these memories for all generations.

It’s easy to get started, call me to discuss your particular requirements. I will work with you in a systematic way to ensure that an accurate account of your family is published. Generally I like to meet with you, discuss the structure of the book and record your immediate family knowledge. I then set about significant research on your genealogy. A second meeting with you then takes place where I collect the images, documents and photos that you would like in the book and to begin building the individual family stories. Within a short time, you will be the proud owner of a personal history of your family.

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