In 1994 Ian began work on innovative software and business model for a photographic restoration system called Photopages (later PhotoWonder). He managed the engineering, development, sales and marketing teams of this project from its inception. During 1999 Ian developed the franchise in the United Kingdom and completed the franchise package including authoring the manuals and support marketing material.

The growth of the photo restoration business was rapid and in 2002 a landmark sales and distribution agreement was signed with Creekside LLC in USA. Ian established large computer studios in New Zealand, China and India using his software and techniques to service the growing market developing in the USA. Walgreens, Walmart, CVS, Albertsons, Best Buy and many other major chains now use this photo restoration service exclusively. Further distribution agreements were completed for Japan, Asia and Europe and this service is now the world’s largest photo restoration provider.

This service is available to you here in New Zealand …

Ian can restore and enhance ripped, creased, damaged, dog-eared, discoloured or spoiled photographs - so that they are good as new! An opportunity to beautifully enhance your precious memories. The service is inexpensive, comprehensive and quick!

He can now take your treasured photographs, certificates, awards, and other memorabilia - and carefully remove the wear and tear of time so that they become a faithful enhancement of a memory that continues to live.

If you were married in the 1970’s, you may find that your colour wedding photographs have dramatically lost their colour – indeed often they and other photos taken at that time have turned “red” Ian can restore them to their true colours! He can also take your old black and white photographs and with direction from you, recreate the colours on the day or perhaps you are looking for that sepia-toned “antique” effect. 

Ian can remove scribbles from your cherished photographs - in pencil, ball-point pen, or markers.  Even paint and other damaging spills! Ian can remove “Red Eye” a common problem in your flash, leaving your subjects with the eyes that are theirs!

If you’re unhappy with the way your digital photos came out?  Ian can make the photo the way it should have been!

Ian provides a personal, comprehensive service at very low cost (he will restore photos for whatever your budget can afford – just ask)

Contact Ian at (0294) 77 44 91 or

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(Please attach the photo(s) you want restored along with the instructions)

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