iPad Scanner

A simple high speed, low cost iPad scanner

Using a little ingenuity, a set of bathroom shelves, a square of cardboard and a craft knife, I have created a simple but very effective scanner plinth for my iPad.

Here’s the instructions for building and using your own:

  • Step 1: Purchase a set of wire frame bathroom shelves (I got mine from the Plastic Box store) – it consists of two shelves constructed from chromed steel wire with the bottom shelf being 25cm x 43cm and the top shelf being 20cm x 43cm. The top shelf is approximately 26 cm above the bottom shelf (see photo below) and is supported by two vertical steel rods at the rear (and the whole shelf unit is supported by 4 short steel rod legs).


  • Step 2: Cut two slots (13cm long x 1.5cm wide) 42cm apart in a large sheet of black card (63cm x 45cm x 3mm) – (see photo below).


  • Step 3: Place card onto bottom shelf, black side up, so that the slots are located into the back supporting rods of the shelf (see photo below)


Step 4: Place iPad onto the top shelf, camera facing downwards through the shelf (see photo below)


Step 5: Place photos or documents to be scanned face upwards on black card resting on the bottom shelf and set the iPad to camera and take photo. Repeat as many times as required for each set of images. n.b.  more than 1 image can be photographed at a time (see photo below).


Step 6: Connect iPad to the USB port of your computer using the standard white iPad cable. Launch “explore” or “My computer”, choose to look at the iPad connected to your computer and all the photo scans you have taken will appear as thumbnails … simply select and drag or place in a local folder on your computer those images you want for storage or further processing (see photos below).