iPad training


iPad Training and Coaching 

I offer hands-on step-by-step coaching in the use and management of the iPad. The topics covered are designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of the tablet and will provide you with a solid foundation to consider how the iPad can seriously support your day to day activities. With the right knowledge and appropriate apps, the iPad can add significant value to your business and/or personal enjoyment. A course can be designed specifically for your needs and I deliver this knowledge in a calm and measured manner and ensure that you fully understand topic. 

To request a training course, for your group or one-on-one, please contact me at  ihan@ihug.co.nz or call me (0294) 77 44 91          Click here to download file


Guided tour

  • Connectionsresized__120x147_tourguide
  • Switches
  • Re-boot
  • Navigating the settings
  • Accessing daily info 
  • Accessing search 
  • Accessing control panel 
  • Accessing and managing in-use apps
  • Screen cleaning
  • Device protection

IOS7 and how to make the most of the features - both obvious and hidden

  • Checking on versionios7
  • Setting font to BOLD
  • Setting background wallpaper
  • Using 3G and local wifi
  • Topping up broadband credit
  • Multitasking gestures
  • Personal hotspots and how to use them
  • WiFi /bluetooth connections and how to set them
  • Auto-lock & sideswitch

File sharing between your desktop/laptop and iPad resized__100x123_share

  • What Air Transfer+  does
  • Setting PC to communicate
  • Using Air Transfer+
  • iTeleport and remote access 
  • Using cable transfers

File storage

  • The Cloudfilestorage
  • Box.net
  • SkyDrive
  • Satellite Hard Drives

The keyboard

  • Setting up keyboards
  • Techniques, tricks and tipskeyboard
  • Hidden keys
  • Using voice recognition and dictation
  • Adding additional keyboards


  • Making SIRI active
  • Male/female voice for SIRI
  • Using SIRI – learning to tap the power resized__100x123_siri


  • Creating eMail accounts
  • Managing email
  • Creating, moving, sharing and saving


  • App managementemail
  • Appstore
  • Searching for and obtaining apps
  • Folder management
  • Screen/app layout
  • Essential apps and why

The iPad as a serious business tool

  • Using the iPad as a sales toolbus_tool
  • Using the iPad as a data collector
  • Using the ipad as a an addition to your toolbag
  • Using the iPad to share information
  • Using the iPad to demonstrate products and services
  • Using the iPad to aid communication
  • Bar code and QR code creation and scanning

Forms & Data Collection

  • Using the iPad as a data collectorforms
  • PDF forms and how to make them
  • Creating data fields
  • Essential apps and what they do
  • Downloading the data
  • Collecting signatures


  • Using the iPad as a measurement toolmeasure
  • Essential apps and what they do
  • Instruction in MagicPlan and MeasureMap
  • Altimeters, compasses and seismometers


  • Creating, viewing and editing Word and Excel files on the iPad
  • Creating, viewing and editing PDF files on the iPad
  • Essential apps and what they doproductivity
  • Using Notes effectively
  • What’s the best in calculators


  • Using Keynote
  • Showing Powerpoint shows on the iPad
  • Using projectors and the iPad
  • Screenshots and how they’re made

Recognition and Translation

  • Handwriting input and recognitiontranslation
  • Language translation
  • Essential apps
  • Google and handwriting recognition 

The iPad Scanner

  • OCR and scanning
  • Building and using a low-cost, rapid and high quality iPad scanner 
  • Scanning business cardsscanning
  • Whiteboard scanning
  • Effective and quick printed document OCR using the iPad

Calendars & Communication

  • Using and managing iPad calendars
  • Sync’ing calendars with other devices
  • Using Messagescalendar
  • Using the iPad as a phone – Viber/Skype 

Managing Photos

  • Using the camera effectively
  • Establishing albums and shifting photos to them
  • Sync’ing devices 
  • Deleting and editing photosphoto
  • Getting photos onto the ipad
  • Editing photos - how to do it 
  • Essential photo apps and using them
  • Panorama and time lapse photography
  • Rapid shot photos

Television and Radio on your iPad

  • The apps you needtv
  • Finding stations
  • Apple TV


  • Management of your music collection
  • Getting music onto your ipad
  • Shazam & Soundhound 
  • Essential music apps and what they domusic

Kindle and Amazon - tips and tricks

Maps and Street viewmaps

  • Google maps app
  • Mobimaps and streetview (brainflash)


  • Traffic management using the iPad
  • Flight information
  • Mapping
  • Nav devices for travel
  • Weather apps

iPad and sciencescience

  • Chemistry and the Periodic table
  • The universe and cosmology
  • Anatomy, cardiographs and human sciences
  • Pi cubed, Tydig and mathematics
  • Conversion apps

Hardware accessories

  • Satellite Hard drivesaccessories
  • Bluetooth speakers/headphones
  • Cables and connectors
  • Solar chargers
  • Stylus pens
  • Cases and covers

Click here to download data sheet of topics covered