Wadham Part 1

Descendants of William Wadham

Generation No. 1

1.  WILLIAM1 WADHAM was born Abt. 1780, and died Abt. 1832 in Cockpit Alley, Southwark, London, England.  He married ROSE MERCHANT.  She was born 1782, and died 1833.

2.    i.    ROSE ELIZA2 WADHAM, b. 18 Sep 1806, Southwark, Surrey, England; d. 12 Sep 1866, Moorabbin, Victoria, Australia.
3.    ii.    GEORGE WADHAM, b. 02 May 1801, Hospital, Endell St, Holborn, London; d. Mar 1858, Lancashire, United Kingdom.
4.    iii.    WILLIAM WADHAM, b. 15 Dec 1804, Southwark, Surrey, England; d. 25 Apr 1875, Lancashire, England.
5.    iv.    HARRIETT WADHAM, b. 15 Jan 1814, Southwark, Surrey, England; d. Mar 1886, London, United Kingdom.
    v.    MARY ANN WADHAM, b. 30 Jul 1817, Southwark, Surrey, England.
    vi.    CAROLINE WADHAM, b. 07 Aug 1820, Southwark, Surrey, England.
    vii.    CAROLINE WADHAM, b. 07 Aug 1821, Southwark, Surrey, England; d. Jul 1888, London, United Kingdom; m. (1) HENRY COLEBECK; b. 1822, Cripplegate, Middlesex, England; d. Mar 1881, London, United Kingdom; m. (2) WILLIAM CHARLES HOLDEN, 15 May 1881, St James the Great, Bethnal Green; b. 09 Dec 1831, Southwark, Surrey, England.

Generation No. 2

2.  ROSE ELIZA2 WADHAM (WILLIAM1) was born 18 Sep 1806 in Southwark, Surrey, England, and died 12 Sep 1866 in Moorabbin, Victoria, Australia.  She married (1) WILLIAM PAINE 16 Oct 1827 in Lambeth, Surrey.    She married (2) WILLIAM EDWARD HOULDSWORTH 10 Jun 1833 in Longford, Tasmania.  He was born 1799 in Manchester, England, and died 1859 in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.  She married (3) WILLIAM SEARS 12 Aug 1850 in St. Peters Church of England, Melbourne.  He was born Nov 1800 in Hampstead Road,London, and died 19 May 1882 in Cheltenham, South Brighton, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Rose Eliza Wadham was born in Southwark, Surrey, England on 18 Sept 1806. She was a convict and transported to Australia. In 1830 she was charged with larceny in Surrey and arrived in Tasmania  on board "America" in 1831. She is shown on the 1831 convict ledger. On 10 Jun 1833  she married  William Haldsworth (married as Eliza Brown). Eliza Brown (Rose Wadham) submitted a mercy plea. She contacted her parents after being given the death sentence commuted to transportation for life

William Houldsworth was married at Buckley St Manchester to a washerwoman. He last worked for Mr Fletcher a dyer at Bolton

William Houldsworth was also a convict. On the 7th May 1821 William Houldsworth was convicted at Lancaster Quarter Sessions of stealing four pieces of Kersey. ( Since he was employed as a Fustian Dyer by a Mr. Bolton it seems reasonable to assume he stole the Kersey from his place of employment.) Prior to this William was not known to the police. He was sentenced to be transported to Australia for 7 years.William was transported on the convict ship Claudine which left England on the 20th August 1821 and arrived in Hobart, Tasmania on the 15th December 1821. William's behaviour, according to the Hulk Report, was " Orderly ". At this time he was 19 years of age, 5ft. 3.5 inches tall and had light brown eyes and hair. On October 14th, William was washed and scrubbed by the boatswains for being dirty when he was called for muster time.

He arrived in Hobart on ship "Claudine" on 15 Dec 1821. The ship was 452 ton, built at Calcutta in 1811, Master John Crabtree, Surgeon Henry Ryan. It departed 24 Aug 1821 from Woolwich, via Teneriffe, voyage 113 days. 160 male convicts embarked, 1 death, 159 landed at Hobart. Occupation Sawyer

Claudine - 460 tons, built in Calcutta of teak in 1811. It made one voyage only with male convicts on board. Departure Port:    England / Woolwich Departure Date:    20 / 24 Aug 1821. Arrival Port:    Hobart / Derwent Arrival Date:    15 / 17 Dec 1821.  Convicts landed: 159Convicts on board listed by Researchers

WHEATLEY John George

William Sears and Rose Sears were witnesses at the wedding of William Edward Haldsworth and Isabella Gelley. William Sears, one of 228 convicts transported on the Lord Hungerford, July 1821. William Sears born about 1801, Hampstead Road, London. He was sent to Tasmania in 1821 for a 14 year sentence for having possession of forged bank notes.He was a labourer and ostler (horse tenderer).and had 2 brothers at Pococks coal wharf, Whitefriars, London.

His son, James Chuter Sears, was born 1846 Westbury,Tasmania to wife Sarah. He then went to Melbourne, Victoria about 1847.His second son ,John Charles was born in1849 to Rose Eliza Wadham. He married Rose in 1850. He was a market gardener at Keys Road, Moorabbin near Melbourne 1865. William died in 1882.

Convicted at:         London Gaol Delivery
Sentence term:         14 years
Ship:             Lord Hungerford
Departure date:         July, 1821
Arrival date*:         2nd March, 1822
Place of arrival         Van Diemen's Land
Passenger manifest     Travelled with 227 other convicts
Body Marks        Scar upper lip under nose Ship at anchor left arm Man Woman love & Several letters on right
Eyes            D Hazel
Hair                Brown
Height            5/5 1/2 in

William was free by servitude on 11 Apr 1835

6.    i.    WILLIAM EDWARD3 HALDSWORTH, b. 28 Apr 1837, Launceston, Tasmania; d. 06 Apr 1911, Prahran, Victoria.
    ii.    BEAUTY ROSE ANN HALDSWORTH, b. Abt. 1839, Launceston, Tasmania; d. 15 Nov 1843, Launceston, Tasmania.
    iii.    GEORGE HALDSWORTH, b. 18 Nov 1840, Launceston, Tasmania; d. 18 Dec 1840, Launceston, Tasmania.

    iv.    JOHN CHARLES3 SEARS, b. 1848, Collingwood, Victoria, Australia; d. 1849, Collingwood, Victoria, Australia.

3.  GEORGE2 WADHAM (WILLIAM1) was born 02 May 1801 in Hospital, Endell St, Holborn, London, and died Mar 1858 in Lancashire, United Kingdom.  He married HANNAH ?.  She was born 1800 in Dawlish, Devon, England.

Children of GEORGE WADHAM and HANNAH ? are:
    i.    ELIZABETH HANNAH3 WADHAM, b. 1827, Bermondsey, Surrey, England; d. 1901; m. JOHNATHON KIRKHAM, 28 Sep 1856, St Nicholas, Liverpool, Lancashire, England; b. Abt. 1834.
    ii.    GEORGE WADHAM, b. 1829, Bermondsey, Surrey, England.
    iii.    EMMA WADHAM, b. 1832, Bermondsey, Surrey, England.
    iv.    THOMAS WADHAM, b. 1834, Bermondsey, Surrey, England.
    v.    CHARLOTTE WADHAM, b. 1838, Bermondsey, Surrey, England.
    vi.    ROSE WADHAM, b. 1840, Bermondsey, Surrey, England.
    vii.    SOPHIA WADHAM, b. 1841, Bermondsey, Surrey, England.

4.  WILLIAM2 WADHAM (WILLIAM1) was born 15 Dec 1804 in Southwark, Surrey, England, and died 25 Apr 1875 in Lancashire, England.  He married MARY ?.  She was born 1810, and died 09 Dec 1877 in Lancashire, England.

Children of WILLIAM WADHAM and MARY ? are:
    i.    CAROLINE JANE3 WADHAM, b. 30 Aug 1836, London, Middlesex, England.
    ii.    MARY WADHAM, b. 1839, Manchester, Lancashire, England.
    iii.    JOSEPH WADHAM, b. 1840, Liverpool, Lancashire, England; d. 1843, Lancashire, England.
    iv.    ROSE WADHAM, b. 1845, Liverpool, Lancashire, England.
    v.    HENRY WADHAM, b. 1849, Liverpool, Lancashire, England.
    vi.    HARRIET WADHAM, b. Abt. Jan 1844, Liverpool, Lancashire, England.

5.  HARRIETT2 WADHAM (WILLIAM1) was born 15 Jan 1814 in Southwark, Surrey, England, and died Mar 1886 in London, United Kingdom.  She married TIMOTHY MANNING 17 Mar 1836 in Lambeth St John the Evangelist, England.  He was born 1812 in St Andrews, Middlesex, England, and died Dec 1879 in London, United Kingdom.

    i.    MARY ANN3 MANNING, b. 1835.
    ii.    WILLIAM MANNING, b. 1837.
    iii.    JAMES MANNING, b. 1839.
    iv.    GEORGE MANNING, b. 1844.
    v.    CHARLES MANNING, b. 1846.
    vi.    CAROLINE MANNING, b. 1849.
    vii.    HARRIETT MANNING, b. 1852.
    viii.    HENRY MANNING, b. 1853.

Generation No. 3

6.  WILLIAM EDWARD3 HALDSWORTH (ROSE ELIZA2 WADHAM, WILLIAM1) was born 28 Apr 1837 in Launceston, Tasmania, and died 06 Apr 1911 in Prahran, Victoria.  He married (1) MARY DEVERAUX 13 Aug 1857 in Brighton, Victoria, Australia, daughter of PATRICK DEVERAUX and JULIA ROYAL.  She was born Abt. 1839, and died 21 Nov 1858 in Victoria, Australia.  He married (2) ISABELLA GELLEY 31 Jan 1859 in St. Andrews Church, Brighton, daughter of JOHN GELLEY and CATHERINE CARMICHAEL.  She was born 01 Jan 1840 in Alloa, Ayrshire, Scotland, and died 08 Feb 1919 in Prahran, Victoria.

William Edward Haldsworth was a gatekeeper

William Edward Holsworth was born in Launceston, Tasmania to William Holsworth ( occupation -sawyer) and Rose Eliza Wadham. Archives of Tasmania records of baptisms solemnised in the Parish of St. Johns, Launceston in the County of Cornwall in the year 1837 show Holsworth, William Edward baptised 24/05/1837, born 28/04/1837 to parents William and Eliza Holsworth of Launceston. The ceremony was performed by W.H.Browne.

William Edward Holsworth arrived in Victoria from Tasmania aged 10 years. He married Mary Deverey in 1857 ( Reg'n. No. 02412 ). They had one child, James Holdsworth who died in Portland, Vic. in 1858 ( Reg'n. No. 7208 ).

William Edward Haldsworth married Isabella Gelley at St. Andrews Church, Brighton on 31st January 1859. He stated he was a widower and his former wife had died on 21st November 1858 ( c.f. Marriage Certificate No. 47 ). The marriage certificate gave his occupation as Stockkeeper.

Isabella registered the birth of their first child, John Haldsworth on 19th June 1860 in Melbourne. The birth took place on 24th November 1859 at JIM JIM, Mt. Macedon. The birth certificate ( No. 3526 ) listed William Edwards occupation as Stock Rider. Fourteen more children were born between 1861 and 1885 mainly in the Moorabbin area of Melbourne.

The Shire of Moorabbin Rate Book of 1862 shows W.E.Holdsworth listed as the occupier of a tent erected on land owned by William Sears in Keys Road Moorabbin.

William Sears and Rose Sears were witnesses at the wedding of William Edward Haldsworth and Isabella Gelley.

William Sears, aged 49 years, married Rose Wadham, aged 43 years at St. Peters Church of England, Melbourne in 1850 ( Reg'n. No. 29225 ).Rose Eliza Sears died in 1866 ( Reg'n. No. 7653 ). Presumably this was the Rose Eliza Wadham who married William Holsworth in Tasmania and was the mother of William Edward Haldsworth as on the 15/02/1847 William Holsworth / Houldsworth departed Launceston alone on a ship called the Shamrock bound for Port Phillip.

In 1882 William was appointed a Gatekeeper with the Victorian Railways and William and Isabella lived in the Prahran area until their deaths - William Edward's in 1911 and Isabella's in 1919. They are buried in St. Kilda Cemetery.

On his headstone

"In loving memory of William E Haldsworth who died 6th April 1911 aged 74 years, also his dear wife Isabella who died 8th Feb 1919 aged 78 years, also their son George died 11 Aug 1900 aged 26 years, loved ones reunited, also Charles loved son and brother of above died 8th June 1926 aged 40 years, also Isabella Affleck who passed away 29th April 1934 aged 57 years".

Letter to Nell and Will from William Haldsworth 28 July 1904

30 Hotham St, Windsor
28 July 1904

Dear Nell and Will,

Just a few lines to let you know that we got your welcome letter and present. Mam is as pleased as a dog with a tin tail. Mam was glad to get the five shillings. She spent her four in wood and coal. My lot soon went. I paid 6 pence I owed and the rest I laid out in tobacco. It came in very handy. Money is scarce with us at present. May only gets 5/- per week and she ought to be getting 10/-. Charley has got a girl so Mam gets none from him and it takes all of May’s to keep her in clothes but Mam makes do of it somehow. Of course the family is small now, that is a good job. Lizzie and all are well. Lilet is going to school. Will and Kitt are getting better. Poor little panther is about the same. Florrie is still in the same place. She is the only one Mam gets anything from. Mam says you are to thank the lady for the collar. It is very nice.

So no more, from yours truly,
W.E. Haldsworth

Notes to letter:
Nell and Will – Susan Haldsworth and husband William Francis
Letter is from Susan’s father William Edward Haldsworth
Charley – Charles Haldsworth
May and Florrie (Florence) Haldsworth
Lizzie  - Elizabeth Haldsworth
Will and Kitt – Catherine Haldsworth and her husband William Wittington

Arrived at Hobson's Bay on ship "Garland" in 1852

Letter from Isabella Haldsworth nee Gelley to her daughter Nellie (Susan Francis)

Upton Road, Windsor
14 October, 1912

My dear children,

I just got Mary’s letter. May, Florrie and I all so pleased to hear all is going on well but do not let her up too soon for it is when trouble begins. Do not be too free. I am glad it’s a girl and I know its grandma will be pleased too. You say you’re coming over. We will all be pleased to see you and give you a bed. Florrie is at home. She expects to go up to Belle’s in a week or too. Give my love to Will and tell him I am looking for that letter. I got one from Perce yesterday and he is just proud of his niece. May says he will fancy himself now he is an uncle and his dear mother, won’t she be happy now it’s all over. Just fancy how she would love it. I just fancy I can see her. Give my love and best wishes to all not forgetting Florgrer? and her mother. I got the letters alright. May and Florrie joins with me in love to all, from you loving mother.

I like the name, she will not need to be ashamed of it when she grows up.

NB: This letter from Isabella Haldsworth nee Gelley to her daughter Nellie (Susan Francis) refers to the birth of Gwendoline Handricks, daughter of Ruby Handricks nee Staggard, born 3/10/1912 at Granville, NSW where Susan Ellen Francis and her husband William lived.

May and Florrie are Isabella’s daughters who still lived at home
Perce is Percy Staggard, his mother is Rose Ann Staggard nee Haldsworth
Belle is Isabella Affleck nee Haldsworth

Letter from Isabella Haldsworth nee Gelley to her son-in-law William Francis

Upton Rd, Windsor
24 March, 1914

My dear Willie,

Just got your letter. We were all thinking Nellie was getting on alright. I cannot tell how I feel. I wish I could come to you but that is impossible. I know the Lord will help you for I know it will be hard, baby and all the others and the mother away from them. I hope she will soon be able to be home. I hope I will hear good news of her. May will not be home till late. They will all be sorry when they hear. Lizzie has come in to the stables to live again. Will had to be in all the time so they let their place for 12 months. Alick is not well at all. He had pneumonia. It is 11 weeks, by the look of him he will be a good while before he will do much. I could not go to bed till I wrote to you to say how sorry I am for you all. Annie Copper sends her love. All I know the girls will write. I will pray for my Father to help you. He knows all about it.

From you loving Mother

NB: This letter from Isabella Haldsworth nee Gelley to her son-in-law William Francis refers to her daughter Nellie (Susan) being unwell after the birth of her son George William Francis B: 25/2/1914, Wednesday night 8.40pm.

Lizzie is Elizabeth Haldsworth married to William Laidlaw – the second Will referred to.
Unsure who Alick is
Annie Copper – friend or neighbour?

    i.    JAMES4 HALDSWORTH, b. Abt. 1858, Victoria, Australia; d. 27 Dec 1858, Portland, Victoria, Australia.

7.    ii.    ROSE-ANNE4 HALDSWORTH, b. 27 Jun 1861, Melbourne, Australia; d. 17 Oct 1926, Gisborne.
8.    iii.    JOHN HALDSWORTH, b. 24 Nov 1859, JimJim, Mt. Macedon; d. 02 Nov 1901, Prahran, Victoria.
9.    iv.    MARY HALDSWORTH, b. 05 Dec 1862, Moorabbin area of Melbourne; d. 1956, Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia.
    v.    WILLIAM EDWARD HALDSWORTH, b. 04 Jun 1866, Moorabbin area of Melbourne; d. Jul 1869, Mordialloc, Victoria, Australia.
10.    vi.    CATHERINE (KITTY) HALDSWORTH, b. 28 Dec 1867, Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia; d. Jan 1959, Spring, Victoria.
11.    vii.    ELIZABETH HALDSWORTH, b. 21 Dec 1872, Cheltenham, Victoria, AUS; d. Abt. 1963, Cheltenham, Victoria, AUS.
    viii.    ISABELLA HALDSWORTH, b. 15 Nov 1869, Cheltenham, Victoria; d. Jul 1874, Mordialloc, Victoria, Australia.
12.    ix.    FLORENCE EVELYN HALDSWORTH, b. 23 Sep 1883, Prahran, Victoria; d. 22 Dec 1946, Prince Henry's Hospital, South Melbourne, Victoria.
13.    x.    MARIA HALDSWORTH, b. 18 Nov 1864, Cheltenham, Victoria; d. 1954, Will, Victoria.
14.    xi.    MARGARET HALDSWORTH, b. 18 Nov 1864, Moorabbin area of Melbourne; d. 1939, Woorndoo, Vic.
    xii.    CHARLES WILLIAM HALDSWORTH, b. 18 Sep 1879, Moorabbin area of Melbourne; d. 08 Jun 1926, Prince Alfred Hospital, Victoria (suddenly following an operation); m. ANNIE JEAN SHEEHAN, 01 Feb 1905, Victoria.

Letter is from Charles Haldsworth, Nellie’s brother

Private C Haldsworth
C/- Signalling School
Military Camp Broadmeadows
9 December 1915

My dear Sister,

Just a few lines to let you know I have not forgotten you. Well, you will see by this that I am at Broadmeadows. I have been here now two weeks. I am here at the Signalling School and will be here until about the 23 of this month as this is a school of instruction and then I think I will be transferred in to the Artillery from here. If I am I will be leaving for the front about the 16th of January so that will not be very long now as the time soon flies around. It is much better up here than at Geelong. I do not get any night leave but I get every week end so am able to go home. I was out there on Saturday and Mother is keeping fine but May does not have such very good health lately and is getting very thin. Maria has gone to the west. I believe she had a very bad time of it going over in the boat. I believe she was in bed all the way over. Muriel has gone over too but she did not go with Maria. Fred is up at Bell’s place. I wonder how he will stand the heat up there. It will shake him up.

Lily is keeping house out there as Ray went over with Maria. You remember Rosey Wells? Her two boys that went to the war have been wounded and sent home. One of them, Ernie, has lost his reason, poor fellow. None of Mary’s boys have gone. I had a letter from Joe and he is keeping well. Did your Isabell get a letter from me with a Testament in it? I hope she did.

Well, my dear sister, I have not got much news for you as things are very quiet over here but we are having lovely weather here at present and we will soon have Christmas here now. I am glad I will be home for Christmas as I do not know when I will have another. How is Will keeping? Well I hope and has plenty of work. Also all the family. Give them all my fond love and Mary. So now I think that is all for this time and I do hope these few lines will find you all in the very best of health as this leaves me. Never felt better in my life. So now with fondest of love, I remain your ever loving brother, Charl

NB: This letter is from Charles Haldsworth, Nellie’s brother.
May, Maria and Mary are their sisters.
Fred is Maria’s husband – Frederick Walters (who was Nellie’s husband William’s first cousin and introduced William to Nellie)
Muriel is Muriel Eccles nee Semkin, Mary Haldsworth’s daughter
Lily is Fred and Maria Walters’ daughter. She married Raymond Rowe
Belle is Isabella Affleck nee Haldsworth
Rosey Wells – Rose Margaret Larkman (daughter of Catherine Larkman nee Gelley) married William Wells (half-brother to Carlyle Affleck who married Isabella Haldsworth). Rose had 8 children – Ernest was born 1890, died 1961. 
Mary – his sister Mary Semkin?
Joe possibly Frederick Joseph Semken, Mary Haldsworth’s son. He joined the army in 1916, was wounded at Ypres and died in 1921 from his wounds in Perth
Isabell is Nellie’s daughter Isabella Francis
Will is Nellie’s husband William Francis

The Argus, Melbourne, Vic. Friday 21 May 1909

Annie Jean Haldsworth, domestic servant, aged 24, living at Gore street, Fitzroy sought a dissolution of her marriage with Charles William Haldsworth, 29, on the ground of desertion. Mr. A. 11. Jones appeared for Mrs. Haldsworth. The parties were married February 1st 1905 The husband said he was in receipt of $2.10 a week, but on the day of the wedding he admitted that he was getting only 17s a week week. .She had to go to work and a few months after she obtained an order against him. He disappeared two days after, and she had not seen him since. A decree nisi, with costs was granted.

    xiii.    GEORGE HALDSWORTH, b. 02 Mar 1874, Moorabbin area of Melbourne; d. 11 Aug 1900, Prince Alfred Hospital, Victoria.
15.    xiv.    ISABELLA HALDSWORTH, b. 12 Apr 1877, Moorabbin area of Melbourne; d. 29 Apr 1934, Melbourne, Hospital, Victoria.
16.    xv.    SUSAN ELLEN HALDSWORTH, b. 12 Mar 1881, Moorabbin area of Melbourne.
    xvi.    SARAH MAY HALDSWORTH, b. 01 May 1884, Prahran, Victoria; d. Oct 1966, Victoria, Australia; m. JOHN (JACK) LYDSTER; b. Abt. 1884, England.
    xvii.    ? HALDSWORTH, b. Mar 1876; d. Mar 1876.


Continued in Part 2