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51.  DOUGLAS HUBERT NELSON7 HANDRICKS (NORMAN (NORRIE) FREDERICK JAMES6, JOZEF LEVI5, LEVIE JOSEPH JOZALE4 HANGJAS, JOSEPH JOZALE ABRAHAM HANGJAS3 TURFKRUIJER, LEVY JOEL HANGJAS2, JOEL JOSEPH HANGJAS1) was born 25 Aug 1917 in Nelson, and died 09 May 1981 in Sydney.  He met (1) MAUVA BYRLE CLEMENTS 1940, daughter of EDGAR CLEMENTS and VIOLET CLARIDGE.  She was born 22 Jul 1921 in Nelson, New Zealand, and died Jul 1968 in Akron NY USA.  He married (2) FREDA BARBARA SPILSBURY 1946 in New Zealand, daughter of JOHN SPILSBURY and EDNA THORNE.  She was born 03 Apr 1922 in St Helens Hospital, Auckland, New Zealand, and died Mar 1989 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Doug worked for the Shalfoon Bros. store in Opotiki in early years when his father was manager of the Regent Theatre. He was an expert skater and swimmer. In 1935 he moved with his family to Auckland and served with the Army during WWII. He had his own business, Greyhound Freights and later drove NZ Road Services buses in the Wellington area. he had a shop in Wellington for a while, but eventually went to Sydney to live. In his retirement he researched the history of shipping in the Bay of Plenty and the history of the Motuhora railway. He was an avid photographer.

Doug married only once, to Barabara Spilsbury - there were no children from this union.However an earlier relationship with Mauva Clements produced a child, Yvonne who with her mother and stepfather, Ralph Hartwig, emigrated to USA. Nothing was ever heard of Yvonne again until 70 years later in 2013 when Doug's nephew, Ian Handricks, managed to track a 73 year old Yvonne living in California.

Some news items about Doug from the 1940's


An assault case. the circumstances of which were unusual was heard by Mr C. R. Orr Walker, SM.,  in the Police Court. today. when a taxi driver. Douglas Hubert Nelson Handricks. aged 23. was charged with assaulting Heinz Isidor Rosenburg. Mr. J. S. Burt. appeared for Handricks who admitted the charge. Senior-Sergeant Joyce said Handricks and Rosenburg had some words in St. Paul Street at 6.30 last evening concerning a motor car which complainant owned. Mrs. Rosenburg appealed to Handricks as her husband would not give her the key of the car. Hendricks caught hold of Rosenburg by the coat and punched him on the face. Later he got him by the hair and bumped his head on the footpath. at the same time asking Rosenbnrg if he would give him the key. but the latter refused. A civilian came along and did his best to separate the two men. Even when a. constable arrived he had some difficulty in stopping the accused from assaulting Rosenburg. Handricks added Mr. Joyce had twice previously been before the Court for fighting.

“Not so Lurid.”

The  "The affair “ was not so lurid as may first appear," said Mr Burt. “Rosenburg is a German Jew, and by the regulations he is not allowed to drive a motor car. His wife. who is a New Zealander. because of the nationality she took when she married Rosenhurg is not allowed to drive a car, but she has at present an application before the authorities for permission to drive. In the meantime Handricks, a  neighbour of the Rosenburg’s has been driving the car wherever they wish to go. Last evening there was a. proposal to go to the summit of Mount Eden to view the fireworks disply. Mrs Rosenburg was afraid her husband was going to use the car. He was unwilling to part with the key, and she appealed to Handricks to get it from him. In the excitement of the moment some physical force was used, but the whole thing was really a domestic matter and nothing serious at all. Mr. and Mrs. Rosenburg were in Court, added Mr. Burt. They were anxious that the charge against Handricks should. be withdrawn.

Rosenburg. who had a black eye, told Mr. Walker he wasn't sure how he got. it. He thought it might have happened through coming in contact with the footpath. He could not say whether accused had hit him or not.

Mr. Burt: A lady in distress comes to seek the aid of Handricks. What is he to do?

Mr Walker: Generally a man who intervenes between a man and his wife gets the worst of it, but this time it was the husband who got it (laughter). A man has no right to assault another in the public street, no matter what the circumstances may have been. Handricks has been rather clever with his fists. He is fined £3 10’.


Door knobs, clocks, springs and old junk propelled by a 1924 model engine are the integral parts of “Galloping Gertie,” a car being driven from Auckland to Wellington for a wager. The drivers are Mr. D. Handricks, of Auckland, and Mr. G. Yarrall, of Wellington. One of the conditions of the wager was that no money should be spent on the trip. All petrol, oil and repairs have to he obtained by relying on the generosity of others. The car left Auckland on February 28 at 6 p.m., and by Saturday morning it was in Wanganui. Hopes for success were high, and both drivers expressed every con?dence in accomplishing their task. The car has a metal body covered. with lettered signs. A placard at the hack asking: "Have we dropped anything?” is well justi?ed. One of the difficulties on the journey was a leaking petrol tank. Chewing gum, soap. sticking plaster, varnish and liquid welder were all tried to remedy the leak. but none was successful. However. a plumber at Te Awamutu assisted, and the tank wan repaired without cost to the travellers. Free meals and flee shaving have been among the successes of the two young men on their way, but their chief difficulty has been petrol. Waste oil is being used when it can be gained from motor garages. A warrant of fitness is carried on the car dated February. but only once have they bean asked to produce it. That was when the 'Iaumarunui police wanted to know what the two sleeping figures at the aide of the road were.

6 Nov 1939

Two taxi drivers, Douglas Hubert Nelson; Handricks, aged 22, and Wi1bur Charles Young, aged. 23, were each convicted and fined £1 when they appeared before Mr J H Luxford SM in the Magistrates Court today charged with fighting. Senior-Sergeant G. J Paine said that the accused were fighting in Garrett Street on Saturday night. When arrested they said that the whole problem was a private grudge between the two and it had to come to a head sooner or later.

Obituary   1981

Mr Douglas Nelson Handricks, who died in Sydney on May 8, 1981, spent his early years in Opotiki. He arrived with his parents, sister, and three brothers in 1932. Their father, Mr Norrie Handricks, was to manage the Regent Theatre. After completing his education at the Opotiki District High School, Mr Handricks worked for Shalfoon Bros. and in Bramley’s fruit shop. Quite often he would skate to school, for he was a brilliant skater, and he loved all kinds of water sports.

One of his most notable stunts was running along the roof of the shed and diving  into the river, a feat he managed to accomplish even after the council had put barbed wire and wire netting between the two gables. Another accomplishment was diving off the old Otara Bridge, with variations, at any state of the tide. It is said that drivers stopped their cars on the bridge to watch the performances.

The family moved to Auckland in 1936, and Mr Handricks eventually went overseas with the army. On his return he started a business called “Greyhound Freights” and later drove New Zealand Road Services buses in the Wellington area.

He had a shop in Wellington for a while, and then went to Sydney, where he opened a car accessory business, which took him on trips well north of Sydney.

He loved the scows, and had a few trips to Auckland on the Northern Company’s boats. In his retirement in Sydney he went to great lengths to research the history of shipping in the Bay of Plenty and also railways. He had the most complete history of the old Motuhora railway.

He will be missed by many friends in the Opotiki area

Name: Maura Beryl Hartwig
Arrival Date: 4 Aug 1944
Age: 23
Birth Date: abt 1921
Birthplace: Nelson, New Zealand
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: English
Ship Name: General R L Howze
Port of Arrival: San Francisco, California
Port of Departure: Noumea New Caledonia
Last Residence: New Zealand
Friend's Name: Ralph H Hartwig
Archive information (series:roll number): M1410:379

Is on the California Passenger list. Mauva and daughter Yvonne Irene Thomson sailed from Novmea, New Caledonia on July 22 1944 to California

93.    i.    YVONNE IRENE8 HANDRICKS, b. 29 Dec 1940, Auckland.
    ii.    ? HANDRICKS, b. 29 Dec 1940, Auckland; d. 29 Dec 1940, Auckland.

52.  MORRIS CEDRIC CLARE7 JOSEPH (SARAH ELIZABET6 HANDRICKS, JOZEF LEVI5, LEVIE JOSEPH JOZALE4 HANGJAS, JOSEPH JOZALE ABRAHAM HANGJAS3 TURFKRUIJER, LEVY JOEL HANGJAS2, JOEL JOSEPH HANGJAS1) was born 08 Dec 1891 in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, and died 07 Aug 1971 in Windsor, Victoria.  He married HANNAH WINIFRED COLEMAN 23 Jun 1918 in London England, daughter of DAVID COLEMAN and ISABEL SLUIS.  She was born 30 Sep 1897 in Paddington, London, England, and died 15 Apr 1976 in Melbourne.

Morris was a welterweight boxing champion in the army;  he was badly shot up in W.W.1. Died of congestive cardfiac failure, cerebal arteriosclerosis and diabetes.

94.    i.    JOSEPHINE8 JOSEPH, b. 01 Oct 1920.
95.    ii.    BERESFORD (BERRY) CLARE JOSEPH, b. 14 Apr 1922; d. 13 Mar 2007.
96.    iii.    DAVID LEOPOLD JOSEPH, b. 13 Feb 1927.
97.    iv.    NATHAN COLEMAN JOSEPH, b. 12 Sep 1930.
98.    v.    ELIZABETH ISOBEL JOSEPH, b. 22 Jun 1932.
99.    vi.    VALERIE VIOLET JOSEPH, b. 15 Jan 1934.

53.  IRIS VERA ISABELLE7 TOMPSON (AMELIA (MILLIE) JANE6 HANDRICKS, JOZEF LEVI5, LEVIE JOSEPH JOZALE4 HANGJAS, JOSEPH JOZALE ABRAHAM HANGJAS3 TURFKRUIJER, LEVY JOEL HANGJAS2, JOEL JOSEPH HANGJAS1) was born 19 Sep 1901 in "Paynesville", Shenton Rd., Claremont, and died 30 Aug 1981 in Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Nedlands, Perth.  She married HUBERT D'ESTERRE MINCHIN 03 Sep 1921 in Perth, WA, son of WILLIAM MINCHIN and FLORENCE HENNIKER.  He was born 19 Oct 1896 in Camberwell, Victoria, and died 14 Jul 1974 in Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Nedlands, Perth.

100.    i.    RONALD D'ESTERRE8 MINCHIN, b. 15 Jan 1923, Perth, Western Australia, Australia.
101.    ii.    HUBERT BRIAN MINCHIN, b. 21 Sep 1924, Perth, Western Australia, Australia.
102.    iii.    WILLIAM PENN MINCHIN, b. 06 Apr 1927, Perth, Western Australia, Australia.
103.    iv.    ROSS MINCHIN, b. 29 Dec 1936, Perth.
104.    v.    IAN HUGH MINCHIN, b. 28 Nov 1938, Perth.

54.  CLARENCE (CLARY) ALBERT ARTHUR LESLIE7 HANDRICKS (ARTHUR WILLIAM6, JOZEF LEVI5, LEVIE JOSEPH JOZALE4 HANGJAS, JOSEPH JOZALE ABRAHAM HANGJAS3 TURFKRUIJER, LEVY JOEL HANGJAS2, JOEL JOSEPH HANGJAS1) was born 22 Nov 1901 in at his parent's residence 82 Charles street, West Perth, and died 16 Apr 1971 in Mt Lawley, Perth.  He married (1) MAUD EDNA BOESSER, daughter of FERDINAND BOESSER and MAUD WALDON.  She was born 1905 in Perth, Western Australia, Australia, and died 04 Jun 1989 in at her residence 57 Lanark St. Coolbinia, Perth.  He married (2) VIOLET MAY JACKSON 08 Apr 1939 in Wesley Church, Perth, daughter of HARRY JACKSON.  She was born 1917, and died 21 Aug 1988 in Cottage Hospice, Shenton Park, Perth.

Albany Advertiser (WA : 1897 - 1950)
Tuesday 22 May 1928

Husband Turned Key
Young Wife with Baby Not Allowed in Home.


PERTH, May21.-This morning the Chief Justice (Sir Robb McMillan) in the Divorce Court, granted Maud Ednie Handricks a divorce from Al bert Arthur Handricks.

Mrs. Handricks, a pretty, attractively dressed young woman, who was only seventeen years of age in 1922, when she married Handricks, who was twenty, informed his Honor that she was locked out every day, and had to have all her meals at her mother's home. She also had a baby. This appeared to have gives rise to all the trouble. It was born soon after the marriage.

The West Australian (Perth, WA : 1879 - 1954)
Saturday 30 November 1901

Birth Notice
HANDRICKS. - On November 22, at her residence, 82 Charles street, West Perth, the wife of Arthur W. Handricks of a son. Both doing well.

Always helping everyone, a fine musician and teacher

Member of Wahine YWCA

    i.    ALBERT EGERTON WAYNE8 HANDRICKS, b. 1922, Perth; d. 22 Jul 1994, Mt Lawley, Perth; m. GWENYTH MARIA CHENEY.

The Daily News (Perth, WA : 1882 - 1950)
Wednesday 30 November 1949

Special Night Of Jive, Swing

Modern . dancers and jive fans will be treated. to a feast of swing and jazz tomorrow night at the Perth Town Hall when a One Night Stand will be held in aid of the Daily News Orphans' Christmas Cheer Fund.

The 'stand' will feature one of Perth's leading orchestras, Wayne Handricks' 15-piece swing band and one of Fremantle's smartest small combinations, Norm Wrightson's sextet. Talented piano accordionist Victorio Mastichelli who has just arrived in Perth from Italy will play swing and light classics. Comedy duo Cliff Adams and Niddy Roberts will also ap pear. Admission is 2/6 and all proceeds will go to the orphans' appeal.

The West Australian (Perth, WA : 1879 - 1954)
Monday 10 September 1951

They Are Engaged
CHENEY-HANDRICKS: Mr. and Mrs. Les Cheney, of Marvel Loch, have pleasure in announcing the engagement of their youngest daughter. Gwenyth Maria, to Albert Wayne Handricks, of 679 Beaufort street, only son of Mrs. M. E. Handricks. of Mt. Lawley

55.  JESAIA7 HANGJAS (SAARTJE6, MOZES LEVI5, LEVIE JOSEPH JOZALE4, JOSEPH JOZALE ABRAHAM HANGJAS3 TURFKRUIJER, LEVY JOEL HANGJAS2, JOEL JOSEPH HANGJAS1) was born 14 Sep 1862 in Amsterdam, and died 11 Mar 1942 in Amsterdam.  He married KLAARTJE SCHELVIS 30 Dec 1896 in Rotterdam, daughter of LEENDERT SCHELLEVIS and GRIETJE ROEPER.  She was born Abt. 1875 in Amsterdam, and died 1939.

105.    i.    ISRAEL LEENDERT8 HANGJAS, b. 03 Jun 1897, Amsterdam; d. 16 Apr 1943, Sobibor.
106.    ii.    ABRAHAM HANGJAS, b. 27 Sep 1898, Amsterdam; d. 31 Mar 1944, Auschwitz.
107.    iii.    MOSES HANGJAS, b. 13 Jun 1901, Amsterdam; d. 13 Mar 1943, Sobibor.
    iv.    SARA HANGJAS, b. 23 Jul 1903, Amsterdam; d. 21 Oct 1903, Amsterdam.
108.    v.    HARTOG HANGJAS, b. 03 Dec 1904, Amsterdam; d. 31 Jan 1943, Monowitz.
109.    vi.    ANNA HANGJAS, b. 09 Apr 1907, Amsterdam; d. 23 Apr 1943, Sobibor.
    vii.    SAMUEL HANGJAS, b. 27 Sep 1911, Amsterdam; d. 24 Nov 1915, Amsterdam.


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