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Generation No. 6

22.  NORMAN (NORRIE) FREDERICK JAMES6 HANDRICKS (JOZEF LEVI5, LEVIE JOSEPH JOZALE4 HANGJAS, JOSEPH JOZALE ABRAHAM HANGJAS3 TURFKRUIJER, LEVY JOEL HANGJAS2, JOEL JOSEPH HANGJAS1) was born 06 Dec 1879 in Port Fairy, Victoria, Australia, and died 04 Sep 1936 in Auckland.  He married RUBY FRANCES STAGGARD 06 Dec 1911 in Christian Chapel, Church of Christ, Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia, daughter of ARTHUR STAGGARD and ROSE-ANNE HALDSWORTH.  She was born 27 Feb 1885 in Glenferrie, Victoria, Australia, and died 19 Jul 1989 in St John's Hospital, Pah Rd, Epsom, Auckland.

Norman (Norrie) Frederick James Handricks was born on 6th Dec 1879 at Port Fairy, Victoria, Australia. He was the youngest son of Jozef Levi Handricks of The Netherlands and Sarah Elizabeth McKenna of Ireland. Norrie was born into a theatrical family – his brother, Harry, was a renowned mandolinist, bell-ringer and female impersonator, his sister, Isabella was a world-famous bell-ringer and vaudeville entertainer.

Norrie’s life-long career was that of a theatrical agent. He was the manager of numerous popular vaudeville acts including bellringers; The Corricks, Paynes and Belle-Crome families. Norrie travelled extensively throughout Asia, India and South Africa promoting and managing theatrical tours and seeking out new acts to stage.  Later in life moved to New Zealand and became manager of a number of picture theatres. He was an accomplished middle distance athlete and donated the Handricks Rose Bowl for swimming.

From Gisborne press...
Through the generosity of Mr. N. Handricks, whose keen interest in the sport is well known. the Gisborne Surf and Swimming Club possesses an additional trophy for competition this year. It is an exceedingly handsome heavily plated rosebowl, some eight or ten inches in height, of artistic design, and stands on an ebony plinth. This trophy is to be known as the Handricks Challenge Rose Bowl, and will be competed for each season, the winner on each occasion holding the trophy for a year and each receiving a miniature replica of the rosebowl to retain as a memento. The committee wishes to record its appreciation of Mr. Handricks’ valuable gift. The event to which the trophy is to be allocated will be decided at the first meeting of the committee.

On his birthday, 6th Dec 1911 Norrie married Ruby Frances Staggard, daughter of Arthur Staggard and Rose-Anne Haldsworth. Theirs was a happy marriage that lasted 24 years and 9 months when Norrie died from a brain tumor. They had 6 children, five sons (one, William,  died at birth) and one daughter – two of whom (Norman and Edwin) continued the family tradition by working in theatre.

Norrie was always an impeccable dresser, well-mannered and polite. He was a born showman with an acute sense of humour and a relentless self-promoter. Norrie had a good business head and was especially good with figures and he excelled at marketing and advertising – many 1000’s of newspaper clipping have been left in his memoirs of his life and theatrical activities. He was a practical joker who enjoyed a good game of snooker. Norrie also maintained an aviary of birds.

From one newspaper article: "Norrie Handricks - One time of Australia, but for some time past one of the “live wires” of Gisborne. At present steers the local fleet of the N.Z. Picture Supplies, Everybody’s Theatre, and is one of the best known men in the district. Small of stature, but faces life with a big grin which always carries him through. Looks after the interests of Everyhody’s well, and is largely responsible for the popularity of the theatre. Is a real “sport” in the truest sense of the word, and has newer been known to refuse assistance".

The future Sir Robert Kerridge worked for Norrie in the theatre. Sir Robert started as a “gopher” for Norrie and learned the theatre trade from the master himself. However, it was Kerridge who, at a time when Norrie was at his weakest and was very ill with a growing brain tumor, bought up Norrie's IOU notes around town and then demanded payment from Norrie. He settled by taking over the theatre chain thus ending Norrie’s association with the theatrical business. After he left the theatre and before he died Norrie had a number of small enterprises including selling a range of cleaning products door-to-door, selling Art Union tickets and "Tung" oil.

Norrie collapsed at 44 Norfolk St, Ponsonby, Auckland and was taken to Auckland Hospital and then to Greenlane Infirmary where he died of a brain tumor after lingering on for 6 months with a cerabal neoplasm. Know addresses include Gisborne, Burwood Road, Hawthorn, Melbourne, 1 Brown St., Newtown, Sydney and 44 Norfolk St, Ponsonby, Auckland. Norrie never smoked, drank alcohol (although he did drink Sarsparilla) or used profane language. He wrote in a copperplate style.

Norrie's Obituary pulished in NZ newspapers read as follows:
News of the death in Auckland of Mr Norman Frederick James (Norrie) Handricks, former resident of Gisborne for many years, will be received with regret by a very large circle of friends in this district. Mr. Handricks had been seriously ill in Auckland Hospital for some considerable time and little hope had been held of his recovery. Mr. Handricks was born in Australia and had been associated with the theatrical profession practically all his life. In his younger days he travelled from one end of the Commonwealth to the other with the Belle Crome Bell Ringers and, later, joined up with the firm of John Fuller and Son. In the employ of that company Mr. Handricks was manager of Everybody’s Theatre in Gisborne, now known as the Majestic.

When the theatre was purchased by Mr. R. J. Kerridge, Mr. Handricks was transferred under the Fuller regime to Feilding. After a year there or so there it was decided owing to economic conditions, to close the theatre. Mr. Handricks was then installed by Mr. Kerridge as manager of the Opotiki Theatre. where he remained for some considerable time. Ill health, however, necessitated his retirement and, later he proceeded to Auckland, His condition, however, did not improve, and for a lengthy time he had been an inmate at Auckland Hospital, the end coming on Saturday morning. In addition to his widow, Mr. Handricks leaves four sons and one daughter, to whom sincere sympathy will be extended in time of their great loss.

Ruby Frances Staggard was born 27 Feb 1885 in Glenferrie, Victoria, Australia to Arthur Staggard of Westbury, Tasmania, Australia and Rose-Anne Haldsworth of Melbourne, Australia.

Ruby was one of three children and the only one to marry. Her brothers were Leslie Thomas Staggard born 22 Sep 1889  and Percival Arthur Staggard born 22 Nov 1886. Ruby had a positive childhood and enjoyed a family life of relative prosperity. Photographs of her early life show her as a well-dressed lady with a happy disposition – a trait she maintained for the rest of her long life.

She married twice, firstly to Norrie Handricks on the 06 Dec 1911 at Christian Chapel, Church of Christ, Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia and latterly in 1953 to James Gam Lee, a long-term family friend and chef from Wanganui, NZ.

Ruby and Norrie toured together with his vaudeville acts and it was during one of these tours (with the Corrick Entertainers) that their first child and only daughter, Gwendoline Rose Corrick Handricks was born 03 Oct 1912.  In 1919 the Ruby, Norrie and baby Gwendoline moved to New Zealand. Four sons soon followed (plus another that died at birth) creating a busy household for Ruby.

Norrie’s  job, managing cinemas,  kept the family constantly on the hop around the country. While in Gisborne, the family home became famous for its large aviary which attracted hundreds of visitors.  The family was continually on the move, staying for short spurts in Wellington, Palmerston North, Nelson and  Wanganui. Ruby was a great correspondent. always keeping in touch with old friends in Australia, and around New Zealand.

Ruby was a cheerful and positive influence for the whole family who maintained relatively good health for most of her life. She was a devout Christian attending the local Church of Christ three times on Sunday. Every other day she would be at the pictures eating her favourite chocolate peppermint creams. She was an excellent story-teller, loved the grandchildren and great grandchildren and she maintained her composure, not becoming senile at any time, to the end of her life.

She received her telegram from the Queen for her 100th birthday. She lived her later years at 29 Seabrook Ave, New Lynn, Auckland where she and Jim ran chickens and enjoyed the family visits.

Ruby passed away peacefully in her sleep on 19 Jul 1989 at St John's Hospital, Pah Rd, Epsom, Auckland in her 105th year.  Ruby’s very long life can be attributed to her having a sharp mind, well-developed sense of humour, happy marriages, good upbringing abstinence from drinking, smoking, swearing or gambling,

48.    i.    EDWIN (EDDIE) LISTER7 HANDRICKS, b. 05 Mar 1926, Lister Hospital, Gisborne; d. 01 May 2011, Middlemore Hospital, Auckland.
    ii.    GWENDOLINE ROSE CORRICK HANDRICKS, b. 03 Oct 1912, Granville, Sydney; d. 02 Nov 2000, Auckland Hospital, Auckland, New Zealand.

Gwendoline Rose Corrick Handricks was born, while her parents were on tour with a theatrical company, on 03 Oct 1912 in Granville, Sydney. She was the first born and only daughter of Ruby and Norrie Handricks. Her middle name "Corrick" was after a troupe of bellringers her father managed and with whom they were touring at the time of Gwendoline’s birth, "The Corrick Family Bellringers".

Gwen attended Te Hapara School in 1918 but did not graduate with any major qualification. It is known that Gwendoline did once have a boyfriend but never married (the boyfriend stole a significant amount of money from Gwendoline which soured her forever being interested in forming a long-term relationship).

She grew up in a theatrical family and as she grew she met a number of famous performers and photos show her in various costumes. It is not known whether she ever performed. Gwen worked at Griffith's Undertakers as a maid and at the Majestic Theatre as an usherette before settling to a very long tenure as a kitchen hand at Farmers trading company’s lunchroom on the top floor of their main city department store, Hobson St., Auckland. She commuted by bus to and from the city for many years from her small one-bedroom apartment in Taniwha St., Glen Innes, Auckland. She did not drive or own a car. Gwen could also play the piano.

Gwen lived a very quiet and solitary life with virtually no outside interests. She was very close to her mother (Gwen was 78 years old when her mother died – many people found it hard to believe and were surprised to hear that at the time!). Various nieces and nephews loved her visits and enjoyed visiting her and she was always happy to share a cup of tea with friends and family. In her later years she was a resident at a retirement home in Market Rd, Auckland.  Gwen passed away in her 89th year on 02 Nov 2000 at Auckland Hospital, Auckland, New Zealand.

49.    iii.    ROBERT HARRY HANDRICKS, b. 08 Apr 1920, Gisborne; d. 07 Aug 2007, Dargaville.
50.    iv.    NORMAN LESLIE HANDRICKS, b. 19 Sep 1915, Wellington; d. 27 Jan 2004, Whakatane.
51.    v.    DOUGLAS HUBERT NELSON HANDRICKS, b. 25 Aug 1917, Nelson; d. 09 May 1981, Sydney.
    vi.    WILLIAM HANDRICKS, b. 08 Apr 1920, Gisborne; d. 08 Apr 1920, Gisborne.

William appears to be the twin of Robert Handricks. Mention is made of him by Ruby (his mother) inside the back cover of the family bible. It is understood that William died at birth or soon after.

23.  SARAH ELIZABET6 HANDRICKS (JOZEF LEVI5, LEVIE JOSEPH JOZALE4 HANGJAS, JOSEPH JOZALE ABRAHAM HANGJAS3 TURFKRUIJER, LEVY JOEL HANGJAS2, JOEL JOSEPH HANGJAS1) was born 28 Feb 1863 in Port Fairy, Victoria, Australia, and died 15 Jan 1921 in Private Hospital in Geelong.  She married LEOPOLD EMANUELL JOSEPH 20 Jun 1888 in Port Fairy, Victoria, Australia, son of JOSEPH JOSEPH and DINAH DAVIS.  He was born 03 Apr 1866 in Sunderland, Durham, England, and died 10 Mar 1929 in Geelong.

Sarah died on 15th or 16th (depending on which paper you read) January 1921at a private hospital in Geelong, aged 56 years. (Death Certificate no. 1740) Leopold then remarried and died on 10th March 1929 in Geelong aged 63. The death notice for Sarah is from the Ballarat Star. A similar notice was in the Geelong Advertiser but it gave the date of death 15th January. Sarah Handricks, whom they called Lily, was outcast from her family for marrying Leopold Joseph because he was a Jew!

Sarah married Leopold Emanuell Joseph in 1888 (Marriage Certificate no. 3415)

52.    i.    MORRIS CEDRIC CLARE7 JOSEPH, b. 08 Dec 1891, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia; d. 07 Aug 1971, Windsor, Victoria.
    ii.    JOSEPH DAVIS DE PASSE JOSEPH, PVT., b. 1900, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; d. 20 Jul 1916.

1  JOSEPH, JOSEPH DAVIS DE PASS  Private 1055 20/07/1916  19 Australian Infantry, A.I.F. Australian 3. V.C. CORNER AUSTRALIAN CEMETERY MEMORIAL, FROMELLES

    iii.    OLGA BELLA DAVIS DE PASSE JOSEPH, b. 1895, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia; d. 1896.


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